Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ominous Predictions - The last 72 hour Tweeting Live on #Egypt

I have spent much of the last 72 hour Tweeting the live video feeds, video relays, live phone calls,ext. coming out of Egypt. The January 25 protests boiled over on Friday, and the city fell into chaos in front of the eyes of the world. I have been posting the tweets I have posted so far in a previous blog. But now, just before 11:30am (1/30/2011) in Cairo, a pattern has started to emerge.

First police show that they are obviously abusing their powers to stay in control. Including Government shutdown of internet.

Until police were swarmed and forced to remove their forces. However this happened with ominous timing and precision. Simultaneously the army entered the city, to the applause of the protesters.

However, the Egyptian army has done little to nothing to protect protesters, but have done little to show solidarity with Mubarak.

Prisoners start to be 'escape' from prisons throughout Egypt, some in thousands. 7 killed in one break.

Looters become a problem on streets, attacking with some levels of coordination. Several police officers caught looting.

NEAR 100 protesters are killed on January 28. Most with bullet wounds from live ammunition.

Army does not protect neighborhoods and instead silently secure government and corporate interests in cities.  Letting thugs move freely in some instances.

What it all means:
   This is unconfirmed, but with most communication channels still down it is hard to confirmation. I think the Army is providing a cover for the police to create chaos in Egypt, after the original plans of the security forces smashing protests failed. Yesterday(January 29), the military just received major concessions from Mubarak with Prime Minister an Vice President positions.   The military entrance and police exit along with other events could be secretly coordinated by Mubarak and the Army who are allowing for the Ex-police to chip away at the protesters resolve with body dumps, vandalism, drive-by's and sniper fire.  The Army might be purposely providing a false sense of security in Egypt in order to secure their position as the Right arm of Mubarak..... We will see....

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