Friday, March 18, 2011

The Collation of Liberation - Nations Contributing to the UNSC International No-Fly Zone (March 19)

After the United Nations Security Counsel Resolution passed on a Libya No-Fly Zone, several countries have announced their contributions to the international effort. Here is what we know about the effort so far: (all updates are dated with time in Libya)

- NATO: Associated Press reports that NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen says NATO is "completing its planning in order to be ready to take appropriate action... as part of the broad international effort".   Updated - (11:26 pm, Friday March 18)

- Belgium: Le Soir reports that Belgium is ready to participate in the military action, discussions will take place on March 18. Updated - (11:48 am, Friday March 18)

- Norway:  Reuters reports that Norway will donate fighter aircraft and run humanitarian operations inside country. Norway has announced that it will aid in military actions. Updated - (12:10 pm, Friday March 18)

Qatar: AFP reports Qatar will contribute to international efforts to protect Libyan civilians and has urged quick action to impose a no-fly zone. Updated - (12:10 pm, Friday March 18)

- America: America can be expected to lead the UN NO Fly-Zone with a heavy hand, attempting to disable Gaddafi's defenses in as short as time as possible to allow for the 'passing of the torch' to other allies.
President Barack Obama pledged to support a United Nations-backed No-Fly Zone,  but said that he wouldn't send troops to Libyan soil or be primarily responsible for the operation. Also US only plans to only protect civilians, contradicting Obama's own policy they are not pushing regime change in Libya. Updated - (2:49 am, Friday March 19)

- France: BBC reports that the British Prime Minister is going to France on Saturday could be an indication that, having taken the diplomatic lead on recognizing the rebels, France is also keen to take a military lead. Updated - (12:43 am, Friday March 19)

- Britain:  BBC, Britain guarantees Typhoons, based at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire and RAF Leuchars in Fife, to be used in an air-to-air role if Col Gaddafi's air force challenged the no-fly zone.
VC10 tankers could perform refuelling and Nimrod R1 and Sentinel R1 are also likely to be involved in surveillance and reconnaissance.  Updated - (11:24 pm, Friday March 18)

- Egypt: UNCONFIRMED, Al Jazeera English reports that Egypt has shipped aid and arms to the Temporary National Counsel... Updated - (11:10 am, Friday March 18)

- Italy: Reuters: Naples could be the coordination centre. Airbase at Sigonella in Sicily, which provides logistical support for the United States Sixth Fleet, is one of the closest NATO bases to Libya and could be used in any military operation.   Updated - (11:24 pm, Friday March 18)

- Canada: Is too donate 6 fighter jets to the enforcement of NFZ. Updated - (12:12 pm, Friday March 18)

- Denmark: Has to go through it's Parliament before military force can be authorized. Updated - (12:12 pm, Friday March 18)

- Jordan: AlArabiya Eng‎lish says that Jordan backs a UN resolution that imposed a no-fly zone in Libya, but will not take part in possible airstrikes against Tripol. Updated - (11:21pm, Friday March 18)

- Spain: Prime Minister Zapatero says he has asked parliament to authorize Spanish armed forces to help enforce a no-fly zone over Libya. (11:30 pm, Friday March 18)

- Lebanon: ????

- United Arab Emirates: TopNews Arab Emirates reports that UAE, will join no-fly zone over Libya. UAE plans to push GCC to seek no-fly zone. Updated - (2:40 am, Friday March 19)

- Australia                                       
- Malta                                     
- Germany                                
- Russia                               
- China