Thursday, March 3, 2011

Prediction: Gaddafi's 'Day of Departure.'

               In a few short hours Libya will be waking up for a critical day in the 19 day old revolution. Friday will be a day which some anti-Gaddafi demonstrators claim to be Muammar al-Gaddafi's 'day of departure'. Saying that Ben Ali left Tunisia to Saudi Arabia on a Friday, Mubarak disappeared from Cairo on a Friday, now it is Al-Gaddafi's turn.

               Reports by Revolution’s Military Council in Benghazi (the recently constructed intern government in the new mock capitol for liberated Libya, Benghazi) are that 10,000 volunteers have been recruited. Their mission, liberate the West of Libya from the rule of Gaddafi, including his stronghold Tripoli. Moreover, PressTV live reports that a military base roughly ~1200km from Tripoli has defected, joining the protesters(numbers unknown). This is in addition to the failed counter attacks by the remaining pro-Gaddafi military forces with mercenary support, which included two days of air-strikes on the oil rich area of Brega. Numerous Military defects have joined the protesters, and untold numbers that refused Al-Gaddafi's or his son's orders have been mercilessly executed (one video of 22 bound men moments after they are executed. WARNING, VERY GRAPIC: ).

                 What this means for Friday is that many reinforcements are descending upon Al-Gaddafi's remaining strongholds in the West of Libya. If they are planning a offensive against Gaddafi positions around Tripoli, and have the defected military guidance, in accordance to a constantly rising contingency of recruits. There is a serious chance that the next 48 hours will be a dramatic, potentially terrifying scene with the chance of Liberation across many parts of West Libya. However, the extent that Al-Gaddafi and his sons will go to retain power over Libya has already proved to exceed the imagination of anyone I have spoken with. The results of the conflict will be soon to come, as only one thing is curtain among all sides – This conflict is not over yet....

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